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"Am Akeen Santo Deng am from south sudan am very happy about workshop I attended in zarah hotel in juba south sudan organize by NPI- AFRICA I Learnt ..."

Akeen Santo Deng


"The forehead of the buffalo is hard and lofty -  Ugandan Proverb"

About Us

Founded in 1984, the Nairobi Peace Initiative-Africa (NPI-Africa) is a continental peace resource organization, engaged in a broad range of peacebuilding and conflict transformation initiatives in Africa. Our work has included mediation and dialogue facilitation, training and capacity building, healing and reconciliation initiatives in the Horn, East, Central and West Africa and ground breaking research on transitional justice. As a learning organization, NPI-Africa promotes peacebuilding practice, research, reflection, learning, documentation, and policy influencing in areas relevant to conflict and peace in Africa. 
Vision & Mission
Our Vision calls for a peaceful, thriving and cohesive Africa.

Our Mission is to initiate and facilitate conflict transformation processes towards the realization of a peaceful, thriving and cohesive Africa. This will be accomplished in collaboration with strategic actors and partners through action-oriented research and training; for participatory engagement in conflict transformation; for building sustainable peace; for healing and reconciliation.
Guilding Principles

Our Core Values call for commitment to:

  • peace and justice as a way of life
  • reflection, learning and action
  • solidarity and collaboration with all in the quest for peace and reconciliation
  • professional teamwork and quality relationships

Our Guiding Principles are:

  • Upholding the highest ethical standards in all engagements
  • Fostering gender-sensitive interventions
  • Encouraging ownership of peace processes by all engaged parties and communities
  • Working collaboratively and accountably with strategic actors and partners
  • Promoting peace building as a long-term investment and commitment
  • Being alert to elements of serendipity, flexibility and creativity
  • Caring for  material and human resources


Peace philosophy: NPI-Africa’s philosophy is lodged in the African communitarian understanding of peace expressed in terms such as: Usalama [Swahili], Ubuntu [Zulu] and Shalom [Hebrew]. NPI-Africa understands peacebuilding as a process of: identifying and enlarging the cohesive strengths of society; transforming conflictual and negative relationships into constructive and just relationships.

Responsiveness: NPI-Africa’s peace praxis calls for preparedness and an ability to respond to conflict. It calls for the ability to read the political and social indicators and to muster social and political will toward resolution of conflict. This mandate impels NPI-Africa to counter violence, to promote dialogue, to build relationships and to establish processes through which people in conflict can engage in pursuit of sustainable solutions.

Proactive prevention:  NPI-Africa recognizes economic development  and prosperity as a means toward the expansion of people’s choices, thus enhancing the quality of life and diminishing the likelihood of destructive conflict. At local level, the proactive posture calls for engaging with issues of governance, economic development and sustainable livelihoods. At the international level, the proactive posture calls for Africa to benefit from fair trade, technology transfer, and debt management. A proactive posture calls for NPI-Africa to offer critical analysis, to make policy suggestions, and to build linkages locally and internationally to advance Africa’s peace agenda.

Foundational values for change initiatives: As a change agent, NPI-Africa embraces a mandate to build community by accountable means, informed by articulated values.  NPI-Africa’s understanding of sustainable peace calls for principled approaches and the ability to engage severally with conflict dynamics while addressing as well the structural causes of violent conflict.

Strategic Niche

NPI-Africa’s strategic niche is characterized by a comprehensive approach to peacebuilding work, informed by praxis, reflection, research, learning and is undertaken at multiple levels with multiple stakeholders.  Thus has the organization developed a unique position as a trusted facilitator and as an authoritative reference point in peace practice in the continent of Africa.

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