The Telugu industry has reached a lot of success. It had earned applause and appreciation all over the world. Nowadays, people love watching movies having Telugu content. It is having the same demand as Hollywood and Bollywood has. Telugu movies are also streaming on online channels. The quality of the movies is in premium HD quality. You can watch online movies HD with your family. Telugu movies bring a wide range of content, including romance and love, action, suspense, family relations, mystery, and even crime stories. The Telugu movies have a lot of twists and thrills for their audience to watch and enjoy. Na BangaruTalli is one of such Telugu movies which brings out the mysterious crime scenes. This movie shows the harsh realities of human life. It is a top-rated and must-watch movie.

Na BangaruTalli is a National Award-winning film. They had to face a lot of problems due to the release. This movie got released after a long time. This film stars Anjali Patil as the main character, who became very popular after releasing the movie. Durga is a good and bright student from the city, Amalapuram. When she completed her schooling, she wanted to finish her higher education in Hyderabad. She then decided to talk to her father about her decision, but her father strictly denies going to Hyderabad for future studies. Still, she had lots of hope and confidence. Durga secretly gets admission into a college based in Hyderabad. It was the time when her father went to the city due to some personal work. Durga was anxious and was nervous as she took her admission letter and went to Hyderabad.

When she landed there, she got kidnapped and brought to a brothel house. During her stay at the brothel house, she found out a shocking truth about her father. The rest of the movie revolves around the fact that she found it. The problems that she faced in the brothel house formed the best part of the movie. During the end, it focused on how she ran from the brothel house.

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