Instagram is among the most famous social media app. Instagram holds a billion monthly active users. Instagram is a platform that will allow its users to share photos and videos. With different types of people joining instagram. The platform is working hard to make sure that security is the highest priority. Meaning all preventive measures are being done to avoid people from hacking. Instagram holds confidential information.

What is hacking?

Hacking is a way to encrypt a computer program. To make it easier to understand. Hacking is an unauthorized connection to a computer’s network protection system. Hackers usually do this for an illegal reason. There are so many types of hacking. Hackers nowadays use different types of methods. Methods in gaining access to facebook or instagram an account. Some hack for fun. While others hack because they want to know if their spouse is cheating. Or others hack because of money.

Below are the most common hacking techniques used today.

Social Phishing.

This method is an attempt to get a user to share personal information. This is being done by impersonating a trusted source. Many types of social bait come in the form of phishing. Most are by email. The hacker will send the person a message that will look like it’s coming from someone the victim knows. The hacker can ask the victim to send them money or to download an attachment that has malicious content.

Common files that may contain malicious content

  • .doc
  • .dot
  • .exe

Malware injecting

Hackers may use hardware to insert malware into a victim’s computer. The hacker will insert a USB on the victim’s computer. This will give them remote access to the device. So always make sure that you cross-check before you plug anything into your computer.

Security Patches that are missing

Security tools can become as old as the hacking platform advances. Most computers need monthly updates for them to be safe from hacking threats or viruses. But there are still many that ignore these updates. This leaves them open to hackers. It’s not only the antivirus that has to be up to date. Other applications need to have constant updates. This will allow hackers to use this to get access to your personal data.

Hacking is possible. And many reports show that hacking is possible to anyone. You can now go over the internet and type IG password hack and there will be many results.